OS X RAM Disk creator for IntelliJ, Google Chrome and other apps cache

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What is it?

Need really fast Java IDE or browser? Then keep reading.

This app will create a RAM disk in OS-X with specified size to store apps cache in RAM, which is known as SSD optimization - reducing disk IO or making browsing the web and programming using IntelliJ more enjoyable.

Supported apps (you can add yours):

The IntelliJ Idea is really fast after this. Be warned that for large projects you will need to have larger RAM Disk. I don't have exact numbers, sorry.

If you observing performance degradation - revise how much memory you are using and may be adding more can help. By default script will create disk of 1/4 of your RAM . If you need to change the size - edit startupRAMDiskandCacheMover.sh

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